Few Words About Us

Who we are?

We decided to use our skills learned as a Financial Analyst and a Senior Accountant and began the daunting task of analyzing thousands of MLB games and testing dozens of theories. And finally, after several years of painstaking research we discovered 33 powerful baseball betting systems. From them we created a portfolio of 3 amazing MLB Baseball Betting Systems Packs which are highly profitable and very easy to follow with the instructions we provide.

It took us loads of time and lots of wasted money before we cut through all the bullshit and downright incorrect information available on baseball betting – even with our many years of experience betting on sports.

These aren’t copies of the same old “losing” systems out there on the internet. Our systems are based on straight betting strategy so you do not have to increase your betting size after you lose a game like the other strategies (Martingale, Labby line betting strategies…).

What you will gain with our profitable MLB Baseball Betting Systems?

  • Increase your bankroll by 100% profit or more in 5 months betting on baseball.
  • Save hundreds or even thousands of euros that you would normally pay to over-priced, underperforming handicapping services.
  • Discover the thrill and satisfaction of making the winning picks on your own.
  • Cut your research by hours every day, if you now do your own handicapping, by taking 10 – 15 minutes a day to follow a few simple step-by-step instructions.


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