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MLB Baseball Betting Systems

Baseball bets are usually considered as one of the most popular markets for expert bettors. With thousands of matches per year forming a large sample size to apply an analytical approach, knowing how to bet on baseball could be the key to Profitable betting. Do you want to know how to bet on baseball? Keep reading to discover the best system on how to bet on baseball.

How To Bet On Baseball

The first step to learn to bet on baseball is to know how to play this sport. In a standard baseball game, two teams with nine players on each side face each other. The teams batten and defend in turns for nine innings, each inning consisting of about three outs for each of the baseball team, and try to actually score the very highest number of runs reaching the four bases of the field.

Baseball Bets: Basic Concepts

There are three types of basic bets available in baseball: moneyline, run line and the total. The moneyline method in baseball betting refers simply to which of the two teams will win the game. The run line is the equivalent of baseball to the margin of points of the NFL, while the betting total in baseball is related to the total number of runs scored in a game.

Moneyline Bets

Once bettors know how to bet on baseball, the next step is to figure out how to get ahead of the betting house. There are two main factors to consider while betting the moneyline:

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Defense: The Starting Pitcher

With so many games in a regular MLB (Major League Baseball) season, it is important to be aware of the rotations and to know who will be the starting pitcher in a given match. Even if you analyze the bullpen of a team (the second option or pitchers relievers), the starting pitcher is the one that provides the biggest variables in the end.

The statistics of the pitchers to be considered include: innings pitched, walks and hits for thrown innings, running average and wins over replacement.

Offence: Hitters

In addition to evaluating the success of each Baseball team’s pitchers, the same must be done with hitters. Also, they‘re abundant statistics available but some are actually more important than others: plate appearances, (weighted base weighted average), ISO (isolated power) and (base percentage) are just some examples of the statistics that bettors should use.

Betting On The Run Line

Betting on the run line may offer better value, but it also requires a bit more advanced baseball knowledge. At a basic level, for those who know the value of the 3 points in the NFL bets, 1.5 points are basically the equivalent in baseball bets: it is a handicap of 1.5 points that any of the two teams must cover so that a bet in their favor is winning.

Baseball Bets – The Total

Similar to total bets in any other sport out there, betting totals refers to the bet on the complete number of runs scored in a Baseball match, with the options “more than and less than” a number established by the bookmaker: each team has 27 outs to score as many runs as possible, making this situation ideal for strategic bets.

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Like bets on the moneyline in baseball, analyzing the two teams in terms of their offensive and defensive strength can help a lot when it comes to betting total. In addition, there are several external factors that can result in both high and low scores.

External Factors

Apart from analyzing the performance of teams and players, it is important to consider the external factors that could affect your baseball bets. Although baseball has some similarities with other sports in terms of the advantage of playing at home and being affected by weather conditions, it differs slightly due to the importance of luck.

The different stadiums of baseball have different dimensions and this can influence the number of runs that are scored. The Coors Field stadiums (of the Colorado Rockies) and Chase Field (of the Arizona Diamondbacks) are famous for their high scoring games.

On the contrary, AT & T Park as well as T-Mobile Park where the Seattle Mariners plays their very own home games are truly famous for being stadiums that host low-scoring games.

The temperature, humidity and wind speed on match day also affect baseball bets. The humid air is thicker which makes it difficult to move the ball, while the heat lightens the air and allows the ball to go further.

The wind actually has a more apparent influence on baseball and can be a factor for or against batters. If maybe a powerful wind blows in the very opposite direction of hitting the batter, the ball will not go far.

If the wind accompanies the batter and blows in the same direction, it will help the ball go further. There is no doubt that wind speed and direction are factors that are worth analyzing in baseball bets to the total.

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Some Aspects To Consider

It is important to keep in mind that the difference between the average percentage of victories of the best and the worst teams is smaller than in other sports. In general, the best teams are around 60% of wins and the “bad” teams are around 40% of wins.

It is necessary to take this aspect into account since it makes the results from one party to another much less predictable. It is also the reason why most bettors avoid betting on teams with low odds as winners of matches since the risk is much greater than the profit.


Now that you know how to bet on baseball, you can put this knowledge into practice and take advantage of our already proofed highly profitable Baseball Betting Systems. You can improve this knowledge by getting more information on how to develop a baseball betting strategy.

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